SPS Dental Center is a nonprofit clinic that offers comprehensive and preventative dental care at a lower cost. Our dental center strives to make patients of all ages feel comfortable during their visit tothe dentist.

Our centers goal is to provide individuals in need access to a dental home. SPS Dental Center accepts all patients; whether they have Medicaid, insurance or no insurance.

Services We Provide:

  • Education- We provide oral hygiene instructions and diet/nutrition counseling to our parents and children in the clinic, at local schools and health fairs.
  • Prevention and Early Detection- Through oral screenings and flouride treatments.
  • Comprehnsive Treatment- We provide a dental home that offers a full range of services including: exams, cleanings, x-rays, sealants, fillings, denture/partials, extractions and more.

Meet The Staff:

Dr. Earle Simpson, DMD
Dr. Howard Bookman, DMD
Dr. Keith Batchelder, DMD
Dr. Roland Bryan, DDS

Hygienists/Surgical Assistants:
Anne Barnhart, RDH
Michelle Broder, Surgical Assistant
Lisa Kuhn, Dental Assistant

Office Staff:
Laural Dillon, M.ED, Practice Manager
Tessa Cassavaugh, Front Desk